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Dave Corsie Bass Player and Teacher Midlands, UK


This page has a small selection of the hundreds  of transcriptions I have done over the years.

In most cases, they are note for note transcriptions of the originals, but in some instances, may be slightly different, as they have been produced for a particular version played with a band. This may be a different arrangement, or could be in a different key.

Click on the song title, which will open up a new tab showing the document in PDF format.

Please check beforehand if you are going to use these to help get you through a gig.

There is a wide selection of styles covered, from heavy rock to pop, soul, jazz, reggae, funk, etc.

Feel free to use these for your own purposes, but please give credit where due if possible.

New transcriptions will be added as I build the site further, so please check back, as there are hundreds more to come.

If you need a particular part that may have been transcribed, please send me a message - I may have it, or may transcribe it.

By Red Hot Chili Peppers.     Bass player - Flea.

By Roxy Music.    Bass player - Gary Tibbs.

By Three Days Grace.    Bass player Brad Walst.

By The Jam.    Bass player - Bruce Foxton.

By Kate Bush.   Bass player - John Giblin.

By AC/DC.    Bass player - Cliff Williams.

By Madness.   Bass player - Mark bedford.

By Michael Jackson.   Bass player - Steve Lukather.

By Kate Bush.   Bass player - John Giblin.

By Rainbow.    Bass player - Craig Gruber.

Craig Gruber bass player

By Black Sabbath

Geezer Butler bass player

By Ian Dury & The Blockheads

Norman Watt Roy bass player

By Queen

John Deacon bass player

By Roxy Music

Alan Spenner bass player


Rutger Gunnason bass player

By Journey

Ross Valory bass player

By Human League

Jo Callis bass player

By The Police

Sting bass player

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