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Sadly, there are not always good recordings, if any from many of the projects I have been involved in over the years.
What you can find below is a small selection of the hundreds of projects I have played with.

I have tried to keep these as either studio recordings, or live from the mixing desk, rather than audience recordings.

I hope you enjoy at least some of these. 

Recorded during soundcheck at a nightclub in Darlington, 26th December, 2011.
This was the first run through of this track.
With no time for rehearsal, the only chance to run the song was in soundcheck.
Afterwards, we found out that the sound engineer was testing his desk, and recorded the track, although he missed the beginning.

Recorded live at The River Rooms, Stourbridge on 18th Dec 2016.
This was the first gig the band has done.

This track is taken from the first EBO album, produced in 1993.

Paul Speare started and led the band, based around his Expresso Bongo recording studio in Tamworth.

We would record the odd track every now and then, which eventually led to the first album.

I played Chapman Stick on this track, and although the bass line is very simple, it was used for the sound, rather than any complexity.

Recorded at Derby University as part of my degree course in 2016.

Drums, bass and keys were recorded in one session, while guitar was added later.

Vocals were also recorded in a separate session.

Recorded live at a wedding in Bath, on 3rd Jan, 2014.

This is a smaller version of the Oceans 11 big band, featuring Matt Hoy and Katie Ashby on vocals, Steve Cooper on guitar and Neil Bullock on drums.

This medley was used as a demo, although the band did not get active at the time. This, and a Bach medley were used as audition pieces. I was really looking forward to working on this project, but there were no gigs at the time, and it has proved to be an on-off project since. Last known gigs were in 2015, band is led by Steve Grant, with a pool of musicians.

Not yet played live with this project.

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